Shark Attack in Caribbean with Professors and Children

Date: 7/24/2017

By toxxicduck

All I remember of my third dream is the ending. I was swimming in the ocean with a bunch of older men who I knew were my college professors (not from rl) and a bunch of little kids. I know there was a good reason why we were all together and swimming, but can't remember. The kids all seemed really serious and worried though. We were at the edge of a dock that was high enough above the water to swim underneath. The water was clear Caribbean blue. I became worried about underwater creatures (I have that phobia irl, but am good at overcoming it). I dived underneath the water to check things out. It was probably 20 feet deep and I could see coral clusters, plants, some fish, a bunch of rock formations, and star fish and it was really beautiful. Then I saw a saw shark swimming at the bottom. It looked just as they do in Animal Crossing. The sight of it really disturbed and scared me. I was overcome with worry that the shark would attack the children, so I swam further down and grabbed the shark by its mouth (they have thin long mouths). I tried to swim and drag it with me to the shore so I could throw it out of the water, that being my best solution to getting it away from the children, but it put up a big fight. One of the old men professor dudes came over to help me. The shark got free of me and chomped down on my arm. Its mouth was much longer all of a sudden and it had a great many teeth and I could FEEL it biting me. It didn't hurt, but it felt like I was getting poked with a comb or something. I somehow grabbed it on the inside of its mouth and pried its mouth off of me. This whole time I was underwater and holding my breath was not an issue. I don't remember anything after that, but I do think I managed to throw it onto the shore.