The Virus

Date: 7/8/2017

By pennypengj

so i had a dream that there was a virus going around the world, like ebola and i just so happen to travel to hong kong for a month (which is true). anyways, the virus reached to hong kong, which then i was paranoid but was chill about it and so on. so one day, i ordered pizza and when the pizza guy arrived, i paid him, and then he handed me the pizza. when he handed it to me, our hands touched and it gave a shock. but not like any other shock, but a shock that made me sick, and then i realized i got the virus. so with every power i had, i tried to avoid contact with everyone i knew. people around me were confused and worried and i didn’t know what to do. out of nowhere, i was asleep and then my dog went up the bed. i, being a kid who loves to hug my dog to sleep (which gives your dog stress and anxiety don’t do it kids) hugged my dog and my dog suddenly barked. as i widened my eyes, my dog went into a shock and she suddenly went into a stroke, which killed her. i then cried and cried and though this was all real until i saw the pizza man out of nowhere (this was in another scene where i was outside) and i told him i had the virus. he then apologized and really tried to be all nice to me and out of nowhere, i was like “fuck it, we both have the virus anyways” and we then started making out. and then i woke up