Birthday Factory

Date: 8/15/2017

By Kesscapade

we are in the car with Tricia, my mom and my brother. It is my cousin Seth's birthday and we are meeting at the country club to celebrate. Everyone one is coming to this party (even mindy is there) but nothing seems right and everyone is just off. No one is really talking a ton of seems all that excited.. The entire Frederick side of the family shows up. Everyone is acting weird and low energy. After a little while, We all turn our attention to this guy wow is showing us something that I can't remember it felt like it was some kind of demonstration. its almost like the wall was open and we were all speaking to him from the other side (like the incredibles). Seth makes a few snarky comments to the man, im sitting right next to seth, who is sitting on top of the table. next scene: the man at the party owns a factory. In this factory there are hundreds of women that he will narrow down to just two or three. At some point I'm thinking of the women as pancakes and other times im thinking of them as elephants. Im not sure if that is how this man referred to the women. Four by four, and then two by two they would both get on these pedestals to be judged by the man, who was again behind glass. A red x for green check appeared under them, none of the women seem to care either way. All of the women are Asian. Then, large double doors open to reveal the man at a table with a fork, knife, and a napkin tucked into his button down shirt. At server rolls a cart into the room like room service, and sets a heaping plate of pancakes in front of him. He is grinning. I know now that these are the women.