Crazy killer boyfriend? (Recurring dream)

Date: 7/16/2017

By mthomas58

This is a recurring dream that I had again last night where I'm dating this random guy and he gets super jealous and sees this other guy threat and goes crazy. I'm going to the other guy's house with a fee friends one night but when we get there, the house is empty and quiet with no lights on at all. We hear someone drive up the driveway and through the window I can see it's my crazy boyfriend. I suddenly get a call by a guy using a voice changer. I can't remember what he said exactly but I remember it was scary enough to make me and my friends hide. Luckily, this place was huge so it wasn't hard to find a place to hide. My boyfriend started looking for us all around the house, intent on killing us. He found one of my friends and sliced the scalp off her head so she died. He then caught another one of my friends but I don't remember how he killed him. It was just me and this other girl left. Suddenly we went down this hall in the house that looked just like a hallway in my school. We hid together in one room, looking for weapons. We found some weapons so we could fight back instead of hiding. I don't remember much of the story but we end up somehow killing him. It's a weird dream that used to be a nightmare but since I have it a lot now, I'm not scared of it anymore.