The Girl

Date: 6/25/2019

By fegenlionel

It started on a rather cold day, unless you sat in the sun then it was nice and warm. The group consisted of my bros Seth, K and P, my sis Selene, K's girlfriend A and her friend 'The Girl'. We were playing a card Game out in the sun because inside was way too cold. After a while Seth and P l went home, K and his A went inside to talk about their anniversary, and Selene went to sleep coz she wasn't feeling well. So it was just me and the girl outside, playing the card game. I saw she was cold so I got up to get her one of my jackets and we continued playing the game, after a while she asked if I wanted to play her version of the game at her house. So we went to her place and she explained the rules. If a creature died, its controller would have 1 dirty token put on them for the end of the game, we would start with 70 health, and for every 10 health we lost we would have to take off clothing in this order; shoes, socks, jacket/Jersey, shirt, pants, underwear and if we lost the last 10 health points we would have to do everything the other person said using the dirty points. Then she explained the dirty points(I'll be calling them DP from now on). 1 A Normal Kiss 2 A French Kiss 3 Making Out 4 Dry Humping 5 2nd base 6 3rd base 7 4th base with condom 8 4th base without condom 9 all of the above Then she said if we have 10 DP we got 1 Rom Token or something like that. And that if we got a Rom Token and the other person agreed we would try being in a relationship. Now as cheesy as this sounds I really wanted to get this damn Rom Token, coz she was a really cool girl, funny, played the card game I loved, laughed at my joke, and had amazing eyes, a beautiful smile and wonderful pale skin(one of my turn ons). Now I'm not saying I didn't check the rest out, I'm a guy so obviously I checked her bosom and ass. I'm just saying I didn't notice those things first. Needless to say. I did get my Rom Token(yaaay) but she won the game. We both were full nude, she took my last 10 health though, and she 9 DP. I wont lie, I woke up praying that i didn't talk in my sleep because i sleep in the lounge and have a habit of doing that, especially because of little sisters walking up and sitting in the lounge while i sleep(that would have been bad). But we did a whole bunch of extremely delightful things.... I actually woke up and needed to make sure a certain something wasn't raised in attention by the time I got out of bed.