the man who's brains got scooped out

Date: 8/23/2017

By Tjika

In this dream I was not myself (well I sometimes was, just walking next to him, following him in his weird story) I was a guy, around 40 years old, very short hair, quite plain looking. He was walking on the sidewalk when a car pulled over and a few guys jumped out and grabbed him. In the next part he was in a surgery chair and two doctors were with him. In this part I was standing next to him (really happy about that, because the next part wasn't pretty). The doctors were cutting open his skull (the skin was already gone) without annestetic for some reason. The guy was screaming from the pain all this time. Then it got worse, they literally took a spoon and scooped out parts of his brain like it was pudding. I turned my eyes away from him, because I was a bit disgusted by it. In the next part the guy was standing in front of a mirror. First I was standing next to hull, but soon I became him again, or saw things from his point of view anyway. He had a bandage around his head, but the rest of his head seemed normal. He then hesitantly lifted the bandage from his head and I tried to imagine what would be left after having your brain removed, but for some reason I couldn't. When he lifted it, it was less horrific than I had expected. The skin was gone, there was only his skull. He touched it and it felt sticky, but he didn't feel any pain there anymore. In the last part he was walking around and I was watching him. He was happy he could still walk and stuff, so his brain was still healthy enough for him to do stuff like that. He looked out of the window and saw people walking on a beach. He felt a moment of relief, because he believed he had been left on some island in a foreign country and would at least be left alone. He soon noticed however that the people weren't responding to him and the view slowly faded. A nurse came into the hallway and put his hands carefully behind is back while telling him what he already knew, it was just fake. He asked more annoyed than scared and with a sigh whether they were still not done with him. The nurse calmly replied that they were not indeed.