Lesbian Blackheart and the Curse of the Annoying Ex

Date: 1/20/2017

By Fitful

I was newly moved into a hospital. The walls were very white and it was empty. I was given a bed and I made it up and lounged there a minute. Then a woman, a nurse, came and put a plastic bag on my feet and measured them with it. She and I talked a bit, and then she left to go get what ever her measurements required. She came back with a plastic bed cover and a woman, the woman was Muslim and actually my new bed mate, apparently here you shared your bed. I realized suddenly the bed was not made and there wasn't even a cover on it, before there had been, this bed was now covered in blood stains. Old dried blood stains. The new bed mate put the cover on the bed, and sorta took over like she was now in charge. I was a little upset at first to be sharing I had been enjoying my privacy. I wondered how we both would sleep on the same bed, it was a small one person bed really. I imagined curling up in one half of it and it felt very uncomfortable. Then we sat at this little section of computers it was just a bit away from the bed, kinda in the isle. There were four computer back to back, me and the woman used two, I felt as if a third was being used by us as well, not anyone new in the room, but there was a person which was also us, or one of us, behind the third computer. And then there was an empty computer. My ex Miranda showed up suddenly, she had just flown in, I asked where she had been, why was she back, hugged her. But I wasn't pleased to see her. I was for a split second until I remembered her personality and then dismay set in as I remembered I really didn't want to be around her. She sat down at the computers with us but didn't go on the computer, just spun around in the chair talking to me and the woman. When I introduced her to the woman as my ex the woman finally concluded in a flat voice I was a lesbian. Then she seems to perk up a bit, Miranda's attitude towards the woman's initial distaste was to pick fun at me and it amused the woman. I decided this time they wouldn't be friends, I out loud forbid it. I knew that in real life they had met first and been friends and this time I didn't want that. I felt further annoyed at their camaraderie over my discomfort and finally we all got to the subject of gay terms, and their definitions. The woman called me a "blackheart" like oh, you never heard this one, type thing. Miranda pretended to know what it was but refused to tell me, which is very in keeping with Miranda's personality, so I went to look it up on the Internet. Nearby there was an ocean and this thing in the ocean. It was like a wall, or factory, or field, or tubing or something made of light. It was part of making it run, It was my job. I had a particular section which was my duty to take care of, I had a shift and everything like a real job. It's really blurry what I did, and why I was perfect for the job, but I kept going back there daily I think I wasn't very good at my job, or I kept being late and screwing up. In fact I think I moved into the hospital so as to be near it and have a short commute. Also, it was a flying deal, I flew to the thing each day, right into the heart of it. It was blue, this sharp neon blue in a large section of it, these blue large light tubes spiraling up into the air, dozens of them them, in rows like they were man-made. And then there was shorter section of stuff, maybe tubes, made of silver light.