Gifts from Mark L in the school yard 🎁

Date: 6/3/2017

By Purple

In my dream, I was hanging out with Mark L and perhaps some other classmates from the 5th and 6th grade class, but if they were present, they were in the background. I felt their presence but didn't see or interact anyone else directly. Mark said he had a Christmas gift for me and gave me a great big hug. I was flattered and said I didn't have a gift for him. We seemed to be hanging out by a school yard, and it was muddy. The gifts he gave me, as I was about to open them, accidentally hit the mud on the ground, but I thought it was poop. Mark pointed out that it was mud by showing me the puddles of mud all around us. I opened the first gift, and it was a long, elegant, button-down rain coat, maroon in color. I said, "Oh, Mark, this is beautiful! But remember? I'm moving to Florida. I won't need this when I move down there." He seemed a little hurt, but said no problem. I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw. It seemed to be slimming. I joked and said I looked nice and skinny in the coat. Mark said I've always been skinny. Then we were sitting on a bed, in a school yard (weird, but that's what dreams are, sometimes). I opened up the second gift, which seemed to contain several pairs of socks, some of them made of wool. I said I have plenty of socks, but could always use more. Again, I felt my comment stung Mark, who had a brief hurt expression, but covered it up right away. The socks were adorable! They were denim in color. When I put them on, they were designed like the old Converse sneakers, which made them doubly adorable. There were two different styles. When I tried on each pair, they seemed smaller than they were and must have stretched on their own to fit perfectly on my feet. I gave Mark a hug again, and then we laid down together. I thought Mark had an erection—though we've had nothing beyond being friends in real life. I didn't say anything, as it was just a hunch. He took my hand to move it by his private area, but I pretended to not notice and placed my hand by his hip instead. He got the hint and didn't pursue anything further. A short while later, I noticed a kid hanging out on the outside of a ground floor window sill of the school yard. He must have been a teen or a young adult, Asian, with both knees bent and his feet up on the sill as well. He was reading a book. Dream fades.