Trip to Japan? religious stuff? And more earthquakes.

Date: 4/30/2017

By dixsilence

I was in united states or Japan idk. We were at the metro and on a line. There were japanese people trying to speak english, others Spanish and we, japanese. After that I was at some tourist attraction with my mother, she was trying to walk uphill to a religious place so I helped her. The other people praised me. Meanwhile I was shocked with the amount of rare birds flying around, so many and so beautiful. Final parte I was with an old school mate on a religious festival. I had to carry a little cross and wear an outfit. I didn't wear any and the cross I chose was broken and this guy was hysterical, I didn't care. After waking up.and falling sleep again. I was in the supermarket and the tremors were stronger, the people still were scared and running everywhere. After I bought something to eat a big one struck so I grabbed my bike and went home as fast as possible. That earthquake was so strong that destroyed the city and I was stuck there, it seems that also a tsunami happened because there was a strong currents of muddy water. I had to jump above a sea of cars to get to the bus stop and go to my home. Final dream. I was on my friend's house, she was proud about her birthday, so many people would come. I went to her room on the 3rd floor and the others two just went down. No thing survived, the she started screaming and crying because she lost her house. I was still above watching the destruction and looking her stuff, gladly all red room was ok despite missing an entire wall. Down on her hall one by one her friends came and gave her the gifts. It was kind of sad and lovely at the same time. Good friends.