Secret clubs

Date: 2/1/2019

By LucyElla

I'm a college student my first lesson was at 11:15 which was health and social, I had created a secret club were we would meet underground we had some theories but it involved powerful people/companys so it was dangerous so we had to be carful we were talking in the living room we made but suddenly it was 12 and I had missed my class again so I quickly dismissed the meeting and ran to my class but I could tell already she was angry before getting to the room. I was now in a massive bedroom with some of my friends and this other girl who we had met ealier that day she takes a really long time to get ready because she curls her hair everyday so we decided to see if two of us could get ready before her but I was looking at myself as if I was someone else and I had my long hair again which went down to my waste