Papa Legba and woman

Date: 6/5/2017

By LaSiren

I was having a dream where I went lucid and was playing around,controlling things and doing In general what you do I lucid dreams. I did notice a presence of a black man and black woman throughout my lucidity that were beyond my control and kept reappearing around every corner I turned. At first, I saw them as uninvited guests and was rather annoyed and felt ominous about their presence. I wanted them to leave as they were beyond my control and I could not push them out. I approached the woman and she held out her hand and asked me to take it and I did. She had something to show me. We are going to give him the name Papa Legba since the dream was rich I. Voodoo symbolism and is one of a handful with this theme over the years. She took me to a place where water flowed like a river,by the side of a concrete type bank. There on the bank stood an old black man, brimmed straw hat,red shirt, and I believe he was crooked and had a cane. He told me to look down into the water and I did. All manner of animals floated by,just under the surface ,seemingly dead but not, just staring up through the water. They would float by in groups , goats ,snakes,cows, horses....The old man pushed me into the brown water and I treaded water watching him on the bank. The woman was beside him,dressed in blue and white,watched on. I felt fear as I felt roaches ,big in size crawling up my back. They called to me an told me to sing out syllables I cannot remember now, in rhythym. I followed along with their instruction and as I built in song and faith I floated back to shore and the bugs fell away. Once back he pointed to the water again and I watched the wide open eyes of the animals that stared as they floated past. There were a ball of snakes outside the water and he referred to them as " Loa"... He pointed to the animals and mentioned something about below the surface they just breathe and do not think to hard. He pushed me back into the water, he and the woman watched me sink below the surface in a panic. I remembered his words and sucked in water and found I could breathe after all. I sat below the surface and watched all around me. The woman and man pulled me from the water and he looked behind him upstream and said " we must go ,something bad is coming" he sat in the water, the woman sitting behind him and motioned for me to clutch onto their bodies. I did and we floated downstream to safety and they dropped me back to my lucid dream where I left off. I thanked them and kissed the woman's cheek and asked what tribute they wanted as they had become very small figurines on a table.