Riley chases a biker.

Date: 2/7/2019

By toribyers

I had a dream that my dog chased this man on a bike, I was running after him but he wouldn’t stop, the man on the bike seemed to be trying to lose my dog by going faster, but Riley just sped up. Finally the guy turns into the woods, and I see the bike come rolling out. No sign of the man or my dog, so I run into the woods. There I see that the guy has run down this steep hill- looks almost like a cliff, but he’s okay. My dog is contemplating following him, but I manage to stop him. Then, Riley turns around and lays down in the mud right next to this pond I somehow didn’t notice. He gets himself completely covered in mud, so I have to pick him up to carry him home & bathe him. I was actually still angry when I woke up 😂