Date: 4/19/2019

By Genesis_Dreemurr

we were arguing and you left the room with a girl named Kiki while i sat and talked to Zac for awhile. I was oblivious until my friend Najior came and told me you had gone downstairs with her. immediately there was this... hurt in my chest. This feeling of... sadness of betrayal. and considering i hate the word i dont use it lightly. I went down stairs to where the two of you were, she was perched on your lap looking at you lustfully. Then i stepped down from the last stair, your heads both looking to me bearing frowns. We talked, and then Kiki left the room for a moment. We talked more and when she came back she was disgusted you had changed your mind. You had to take me home from where we were at but you took Jacob home first. We rode in silence.