Punch Out!

Date: 8/31/2019


Went to the mall to go buy some clothing and noticed they had opened a new store for people to hang out at. Me being interested in it I walked in to see people of all ages just relaxing and socializing with each other. As I am walking around the store I notice they have a big TV with a ton of video game systems attached. Me being a video game collector I wanted to take a pic of the setup / games they have to show some friends. I take my phone out and wait until everyone leaves the area also I can take a clear shot. As soon as I'm about to take the photo an employee takes my phone from my hands and says no photos. I'm trying to get my phone back and the employee throws it, at that point I start to trash talk her and she gets pissed. She swings at me and hits my arm, at that point its on. I punch her a few times in the face and get her on the ground where I start to kick / punch her. Realizing what I did I start to run out the mall in fear of cops / security. When getting back into my car I then remembered I forgot to buy the clothing I originally came in for.