What could the evil things mean?

Date: 3/17/2019

By BritneeBear

I had a dream i was on a bus to go home after visiting some family. After the bus was moving everythibg was going smooth but then man didnt see the bus because it was coming so fast that he got hit and killed by the bus. All of us on the bus started yelling at the driver that he killed that guy and we were crying upset distraught and the driver didnt care and turned around and told us to stop telling him how to drive or we would regret it.. Shortly after that on both sides all over the roads bus route so many dead bloody bodies laying there on the left even a red car that had been slammed into a wall and a headless body outside of it and another mangled bodies arm hanging out.... Again everyone began panicking and the driver began laughing...inside myself i was horrified but i left my expression emotionless so i wouldnt look suspicious to the driver as i was trying to send a message for help to my family and telling them i was on bus 209 and that they were going to kill us all on board. It took a while to send it and in the time i was trying to send it a few men scagtered throughout the bus as well as the driver began walking about the bus.. Picking a choosing certain randon people to kill... Some they tortured before hand some they killed brutally and others theyd simply stab them or shoot them. . the bus was out of control on a highway at this point.. So as many of us aboard the bus shifted our weight to sides of the bus to direct/steer it as best we could. Next thing i recall was the bus was at a dead stop and a bunch of police barricaded the bus and a news anchor came aboard and one of the men in front of me had the ability to control their thoughts beliefs and understandings. And i stood up to him and told the news anchor everything over and over again until she snapped out of his spell and horrified she jumped off yhe bus and left. At this point we were all off the bus.. The good people and the evil people and there happened to be a building everyone posted up in and around .. I tried sneaking away from the evil guys posted up outside and happened to find my way to the bavk of the building where 3 sweet happy women were laying there enjoying music in the distance and the stars in the sky.. They smiled and looked at me and told me they were wondering how long it would take me to get back there to them. I told them i was afraid i told them everything and told them they coule come around the corner any minute and kill us. They just smiled and grabbed my hand and told me they cant hurt you especially when i was there with them they stood up and asked me.. Do you know how?? I didnt know what exactly she meant then they begN flying 2 on the left of me 1 on the right of me.. Guuding me through the air passing windows of happy families..beautiful apartments homes and uo into the sky and after struggling for a minute it was like the flying became normal and nature to me... Next thing i knew and realized we were all doves flying together through the air.. And i was happy and felt safe and free gentle open loved and pure all at the same time then i woke up