Joker + Me

Date: 5/15/2017

By parisleech13

"****" = people I know and I didn't want to mention their names. It started at **** house and I was like to her "hey I'm going to meet up with someone, don't follow me Watch for the news later" and she was like "bitch I don't watch the news" and then I was like "you going to want to watch it later because I will be on there" and she was like "in your dreams" so I just rolled my eyes and then I was like "i'm going to go change I'll be like five minutes" 5 MINUTES LATER I've come out and she is doing her make up. But I've already done my make up like Red lipstick, eyeliner on Fleek and hair curled. But not too curled like natural curled. But it was sexy. Anyway i'm wearing black high waisted jeans with rips in the knees, A white flowy top, Red heels and a black leather jacket. So I walked into her room and she is doing her make up like I said and She said "where you going?" And I said nothing and just grabbed my phone and walked out" and then she followed behind (she was ready) so then she was like "aren't you going to come with me" and I was like "sorry I'm going to meet someone" and then she was like "who the hell are you going to meet" and walked off in front of me. Then she met up with ****and her friends was like "hi. Are you coming with us" and I was trying to think of an excuse so I said "I'm going to meet ****" and she was like "but we are going to meet ****" and I was thinking shit so I replied "ah, you caught me, The real story is I'm going to meet someone very bad so watch the news later" then she was like "yeah yeah" I then said "yep, see ya" and walked off. They all went a different way to me and I walked down to an alley way. Then I saw a dark car which was my ride. I got in and saw the joker. He handed me a gun and grinned "so where we going Mr J?" I said to him. "he just kept grinning and drove off" we arrived at a gas station and we both got out and walked in I shot my gun to the glass door and it shattered. People inside screamed as the joker came in shooting in the air. I placed the bag on the counter and whispered "put the money in the bag or you won't have any brains left" The man behind the counter quickly grab the money and put it in the bag then I laughed loudly and started to walk out. I felt a sharp pain in my neck and fell to the ground outside. I saw a dark man standing over me and he ran off then the joker came running out and picked me up and was confused to what happened. so was I. I was very confused. I started to hear the joker scream and shout. But then I just started seen darkness and couldn't hear anything it was just black. dark and black. Then, I started here my name. I was still on the ground as I opened my eyes, somehow the joker had fixed whatever was in my neck. however someone quickly came to my ankle and injected something else. I couldn't remember the rest. All I remember is sitting in a car as we drove for what seemed like miles... but me and the joker became very close. 4 MONTHS LATER I was sat in class and started to feel sick. This has happened lots since that day and I can't seem to figure out why. I mean. I missed my period and all but me and the joker hadn't had sex? I was still a virgin? And I was suddenly having symptoms of being pregnant. I felt like the Virgin Mary. I didn't bother taking a pregnancy test because it couldn't be possible. But every day in school I was always running to the bin in the front of English. **** helped by holding my hair back as the boys just felt sick themselves. I just became really tired, weak and sick. Really sick. I could barely walk. I finished throwing up and went to go back to my dorm seat when I just collapsed. Again, I could only hear faint voices until they started to go and I started to see black. I woke up in the schools medical office (miss howes class was the medical office. Idk why) I saw a regular face next to me and knew it was the joker. I smiled as I look at all the wires attached to me and looked down to see a doctor in front of me. "What happened?" "Well. Somehow. You're pregnant! Congrats" he smiled sarcastically and looked at the joker with a dirty look. The joker stood and pressed a knife against his neck "this. Was not. Me" the doctor stood in shock. So was I. Except I was sat. "Wait how? I'm still a virgin?" They both looked shocked as they could see the honesty in my face. I ripped the wires out of my body and ran out. They tried to grab me but couldn't. I opened the door and was faced with teachers and students who was in express "let me passed! I am not having this baby!" "Who said you're having one? You're having twins." **** said. I was thinking bitch no. But instead I just looked in shock. I was trapped in a school "just let me go" then **** came and grabbed my arms "I'm sorry. I have to follow the rules or I die" she whispered in my ear. I was upset. All my friends had turned on me once they found out I was pregnant. I was forced back into my form class and sat down. It had been an hour since I found out I collapsed. "Can I go to the bathroom?" I asked. "****. Go with her to make sure she doesn't escape" miss **** said. Now was my plan to escape. I had a gun in my boot that mr j had given me. And I was going to use it if worse comes to worst. I smiles sarcastically and walked out. We walked out of express and stood in front of express building we walked slowly and now was my time to escape "ow!" I fell to the ground and held my ankle tightly "what's wrong?" **** said standing over me. "I just twisted my ankle. I'll be fine" I snapped. She turned round and I stood up putting my hand down my boot and grabbing the gun. **** quickly turned around and was about to scream "if you scream. The bullet will go through your brain quicker than you could say sorry so I suggest you zip it" I saw in the corner of my eye, mr j watching me amused. I grinned. "Let me go" she nodded. "Oh. And if you tell anyone. This school won't exists anymore. You know who I hang with and they can drop a grenade" I winked and started to run. I saw my old cheer team and we started to speak. But then I saw the security guards see me so I ran. I ran through the school trying to find a way out but I couldn't. I stopped and saw **** standing in my way. I saw my gun in my hand and pulled the trigger. She fell to the ground screaming and I ran out and under the canopy in the school. People were coming out of the sports centre after their exam. It seemed like millions of year 11- year 13s. They saw me so I put my finger up to my lips and told them shhhh. I ran between them and hid. I saw mr j on the roof watching like a puppet master. I desperately looked at him and my eyes started to close. I was not going to loose this fight. I grabbed someone lighter from their back pocket and ran forward. I had to think fast. The school had cans of gas on the decking. I stood on a table and shouted "let me go. Or this place will go up in flames, every single one of you. And for some reason. These babies are important to you all and they will cripple in the flames along with me" I held the gun towards all the guards and they placed their guns on the ground. "Walk back to express and lock everyone in their" they seemed very obedient and did as I asked. Everyone stood in silence as I walked to the gate. My cheer squad didn't care about the babies. We spoke for a bit until I realised the guards were coming again and my cheer squad (even though I'm not a cheerleader) wanted to get me out and helped. They lifted me up and I was able to get over the fence. And I ran for my life.