strangest dream about a black wolf and white rat

Date: 7/4/2016

By Doodoo

I dreamt i was in my home in my bedroom. It was night time and i kept hearing little scratching noises behind the walls. I looked down to the floor to notice a hole on the bottom of the wall. A small squeaky white rat came out and i observed it running around the floor to go into another hole. After a while of observing it doing the same thing over and over i decided to wait until it let its guard down to catch it. When it was walking around a small paper bag somehow got on his tiny head so it couldnt see. It ran around blindly trying to look for the hole so i got up and grabbed its body. It freaked out, squeaked, and flopped wildly so i let go of it and it ran back inside the hole. Frustrated, i got piece of cardboard to cover the opposite hole with to trap him. But just as i was about to do it i noticed a dead white mouse inside it. I got a plastic bag and put the dead mouse in it. But now i somehow had a dead possum in the bag that appeared out of nowhere, along with the mouse. I got out if my room to throw the bag away on the trash and the dream shifted. I was in a darker room with my nephew and some unknown black kid. Some evil men came to kill the black kids father and took him away, but we hid. When they left we came out, scared and worried for the boys dad. After a while a mysterious door opened slowly and i could hear my nephews mother calling to him softly. He yelled "mommy!!" And ran inside the door. I shouted at him to stop cos i sensed that something was not right but he never came back. The darkness in the door swallowed him. Next, the voices of two women were calling for the black kid, it was his sisters. He ran inside too, and i was shouting at him to turn back. But the darkness swallowed him too. Then i was alone, staring at the door and waiting for what loved ones voice the door would mimic for me. To my surprise a very deep/soft/masculine voice whispered my name but it wasnt familiar. It was so mysterious and smooth that i couldnt resist walking to it. When i came face to face with the darkness in the door i saw a very beautiful black wolf with penetrating glowing yellow eyes. He was standing with his side facing me, almost like he was posing for a picture. It didnt look normal cos the fur was sort of shining and glowing even tho it was black, and the eyes seemed almost human-like, as if it was human intelligent . I slowly walked towards it in complete awe and was swallowed up too. Suddenly i was back in my normal home. My family was there and i told them about the wolf. They were just laughing that my nephew ran inside the door at the sound of his mom. But i couldnt shake off the wolf. Then i woke up.