Kids falling in hole

Date: 7/15/2017

By jamesisalen

(Napping from 5:55pm-730pm Thunder and strong winds. I am 22) In a stadium at a college (maybe VA Tech) and was near an elevator shaft, had wood in the floor of it and the drop was about one floor down. The shaft was under construction similar to a raised datacenter floor without the tiles in. I think there were two kids down there dead upside down and I witnessed three more fall; one was a kid and the last two were toddlers. I remember talking with someone and standing on the wood saying they should put a fence up so nobody falls down, especially since it was a sporting event at this college. Back to the last two children, one toddler looked like he had been going through chemo while the other was a friend of his, as they were playing near the hole. These two were the most vivid. I shouted to him to be careful and then "stop! There's a hole behind you!" But my voice scared him as he backed towards the hole. I had a heavy backpack and I made me feel slow, maybe held down by some burden. As I jumped towards him I tried throwing my backpack off to move faster. I tried to stop the toddler from falling down the hole but I was too late. when I went down there I knew that they had all died upon impact and when I yelled for a medic even though I knew it was no use, the medic tried to get me out of the hole but I remember I wanted to tell him which one was the last one that fell so he wouldn't waste his time with the older ones. I was crying and I remember going back to the college where they had a pool and concessions and I was trying to clear my thoughts eventually I was brought back to the stadium and then was invited out to a bar which I thought would be a good idea to have a drink or two to get my mind cleared but that's when I woke up.