Undercover Murdered

Date: 4/18/2017

By EliAzaryev

I was staying at a resort at some hotel. My room mistakenly got confused with someone already staying in the hotel. It was a young African American man with dread locks and a younger white woman. I am usually able to become lucid while dreaming but nothing seemed out of the ordinary until I found my self walking into their room for the second time. Once I did they had caught me, it was at that moment I realized there were large sums of drugs in their in room and I was working as an under cover cop. The rooms door got jammed and windows had something come down preventing us from leaving the room, I didn't his weapons on me. At that moment the man attempts to kick in the door while the women tries opening the window. Frustrated he couldn't open the door he pulls out a firearm and unloaded 5 shots into my abdomen it felt so real I felt my body twitching as I awakened.