Lucia libre

Date: 2/22/2019

By fernando

I was taken to so place with a wresting ring in and I had a group of students and I was teaching how to wrestle and there was this long list but in the end we had to wrestle as we character so I had three matches in middle and close to ending I wasi , I don’t remembered I was triple h or the undertaker. The only thing I remember is I was laying stomach down and I see Grace Vicky’s friend (she had a strange voice) then I see either Melanie or Vicky idk who it was. All I remember I started holding her hands and they were so soft and tiny and angelic. I remember also using her phone but I wasn’t checking anything. I remember it was hard interlocking hands because her hands were just so tiny. The dreamed ended because my alarm went off. Update I think it was Melanie