Dad Ditched me

Date: 5/12/2017

By itsliz

The dream starts where I'm in a hotel room and I get a phone call from my dad. For some reason this takes place in a time where I'm going to high school but I'm apparently going to a new high school. Only my dad can pick me up and when I hang up I realized I put toothpaste on my toothbrush and I already brushed my teeth so I left it there for my brother. Deciding that it's very cold, I put on some clothes and grab my old white sweater with the shedding fake fur along with my leather jacket. I go outside and my dad is using the old black truck. I hop inside. We talk a little, only a little as per usual, and them it turns out he forgot to turn. I try to tell him we can pull into any old parking lot and turn around so he goes into a parking lot that looks like it goes into a large parking garage but the door seems to also go to a school. For some reason the truck won't drive anymore and we have to get out. I'm panicking a little because I need to get to class and I think that I can walk the distance. While my dad looks at the truck ( I think ), I decide to start walking. I get down the street and when I'm around the corner we did turn, my dad passes me laughing on a bike. Against a small building looking like a shack on the same corner is a pink and somewhat large tricycle. I grab it and get on and try to go after my dad who disappeared. It normally freaks me out to be alone somewhere I don't know like this but at this point I'm just frustrated. I lost track of my dad and got lost and so I ditch the tricycle and call my mom to pick me up. It feels like just a moment later but she arrives in our maroon SUV and picks me up and I have to explain what happened with my dad and she wants me to call him to let him know she got me but I'm looking around for my phone and can't seem to find it and assume I left it in the truck. I use my mom's phone and call him and he answers laughing asking where I went, referencing the fact he was too fast. I asked if the phone was there and he said no so I told him about my route and asked him to look on the side of the sidewalk. I wake up, thankfully with my phone next to me.