The squirrel girl

Date: 4/8/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

For some reason there was this girl in my house. With another girl. She had reddish hair, green eyes and chubby cheeks. I've told her she looked like a squirrel. I took her to a place with Matthew and some other people. There it was like a playing room, similar to a shoe store I usually went to. They were showing us kinda videos but as if we were really experiencing it. Every video was linked to a box with some objects in it. At a certain point a video of Ravascletto ski station showed up. Another guy that was with us was talking about it. I told him I'd been there and recognized it was the same place of a lot of dreams of mine. Then I stood up from where I was sitting and approached a box. There were christmas decorations in it. One was black with flowers and the other one was black and white. They represented something though I can't remember what. I was talking with Matthew about them. I can't remember anything else.