Escape Room

Date: 2/10/2017

By sharkey161

I was with some guy and I was training to do an escape room with high stakes. I tried to leave the training and hid around my dads bar but some people in black suits found me and forced me to go to the escape room. I had 30 minutes and if i lost I would die a brutal death. The first task was to get through a corn maze my friend Beanco was able to help me but was not much help. I used chicken nuggets some how to get through the corn. My next task was to kiss a ghost but she was blocking the path so i said got really close and was on the verge of making out with her but she got grossed out and let me pass. My last task was in something that resembled my grandma's old house I had just got to the puzzle but then I looked at the clock and it was the school's clock and I realized I had lost. There was a large crowd around me and they all went to the porch. There was a bored that said I had a choice to ether go out the front door and get cooked alive, or I could go out side and get hacked to pieces. I we out to the porch and looked for some one to come and live in the house with me forever because I was not going to die then I saw an electric chair on the ground. I went in side and locked my self in the bathroom. Then I woke up.