Apple head: My Lucid Go To Guy

Date: 3/25/2017

By ThatKitKat

I was in a derelict old wooden house, wandering around the first floor narrowly avoiding holes in the floor. I start decending the crooked stairs when I fell through into a heap if dust and pain. I stand up to see a man, he was tall so all I saw was this broad suited chest and his straight black trousers. I look up slowly and turns out he had an apple for a head, no face, no voice. I just yelled "APPLE HEAD" and instantly became lucid. I ran out and decided to fly for a bit but soon my lucid state was fading as was my ability to fly and a jaggedly came to a stop in a warehouse lot. I got really upset however I turned around and saw applehead! I shouted his name gleefully and kissed his apple and flew effortlessly away in lucid joy.