Snitch Cat/Lady/Man, Blob Building, Time Turning, Fishy Advice

Date: 3/2/2017

By Fitful

Four Scenes. ONE. I was living in this massively tall skyscraper in the middle of the city, but the community I lived in was pleasantly, and sometimes unpleasantly, close knit. I had a really nosey neighbor who either was a crotchety old lady/man with a nosey cat, or a nosey cat which was really human like. I recall it mostly as a cat who was my neighbor and old and sour. It kept trying to get me in trouble. I took a vow for a week I wouldn't eat, I'm not sure why but it was announced through the vent to the rest of the apartment complex like a television news story. I didn't follow through on it tho, I felt hungry a day in and thought it was stupid anyway and kept eating. The cat caught me opening a can of smelly tuna outside in the alley among the garbage. I ran inside but it was too late. The cat/old lady/man had brought the police. I quickly covered up the smell by burning leaves, and opened the door and pretended I had been up burning leaves like you do after mowing the lawn, never mind I didn't seem to have a lawn, and the police were buying it. The cat wasn't but then I used hypnosis on the police and they immediately caved, laughing. But the police man, the older one in charge, was an old friend of mine and asked to see me in private. I took them into my office, and we all had a nice laugh. They didn't care if I had eaten or not, they didn't like the old cat and thought the law was stupid and weren't going to prosecute me even if I had done it. We got into a debate on how stupid the law was. Now all you had to do was make shit up and it was taken as truth. It was incredible. She could say I did anything. TWO. I had been waiting for a while for my girlfriend to come back from school. She had gone off to University or college and it was over a year, more like two, since I had heard from her let alone seen her. On one hand I knew we were broken up and she was my ex, but also my dream thoughts didn't know and just were hurt she had gotten caught up in life and forgotten me. I was impatient for her call me. I remembered how it had been better a year or two ago at Christmas and found the calendar on the refrigerator and decided to turn back time. I did, turning back time to two Christmases past, and immediately she called and acted like everything was normal. She acted like she was my girlfriend and it was only a phone call from across the city, her house to my house. And the years which stretched between us weren't gone. I didn't realize how condescending she was before tho, I heard a knew note in her tone and treatment which rang off, like she was selfish, self involved, or just though I was property. It didn't mesh with my old version of her and I wondered if love had been clouding my eyes during the real relationship. THREE. The building was jumping with a party. But something happens and it got destroyed, it all got knocked down. Blown up. Something happened and it was gone. Then my friend made of green jello, like The Blob or Bob from Monsters vs. Aliens swallowed up the whole building or where the building should be, and got bigger, making the building more and more solid and less like jelly. My friends in the building marveled at the thing and bounced the walls until they were too solid. Then the building was back. It was amazing. FOUR. I had been swimming in the ocean with a bunch of friends habitually for a long time now. We usually swam in this deep spot but now the ocean was teeming with life and it would have been running into the fish, literally running into them, to go down there, so we just stayed in the shallow part. It was amazing because we held our breath and it didn't seem like a strain or a common thing to go up and get air. I knew intellectually we did go up and get air but I don't remember actually doing it. Then I found a cute little fish which adored me, or was hurt and needed me and I loved it and decided to take it home. I knew that I could only take it home for four days. In the dream it was really tetchy whether or not the fish would last that long. I had to take a salt lick from the ocean floor and scoop up some water in a square tank and the fish and cross my fingers. Immediately my friends noticed while I was still underwater. Some cautioned me against taking the fish, that it was wrong and it would die.When I said I would be careful and it would only be four days another friend decided he knew better and it was fine to take the fish. I then was the one arguing against taking it from the ocean. I said that salt water fish couldn't stay in fresh water and it would die. He didn't seem to believe there was a difference and acted like he knew more than me. I got more mad. He then didn't know it from goldfish, the difference, and I was irritated that he thought he knew more when he didn't know anything than me who had researched the subject and was an animal activist.