Flying and fighting

Date: 5/2/2017

By Spooped_gurl

I was flying with bat like wings and was hunting monsters around some wooded and mountainous area like my home state. I was really happy that I could get pretty fast and it was peaceful. It was around dusk and the sun was setting. The sky was an odd dark purple and it looked like a storm was coming in. It was fall because all the leave had fallen and it was chilly. I was also hand fighting these invading monsters. I had these black cybernetic arms that let me have sharp claws made of either a silvery metal or diamond. They would transform at will to more normal arms. They we're pretty powerful. I was swooping down and clawing the monsters to death. I'd fly to one group, fight them and fly to the next. Sometimes I'd fall off a tall castle like tower to aide in gliding and takeoff. It was pretty cool and I felt happy that I was getting better at flying and takeoff.