From crocheting to concert

Date: 1/21/2020

By Purple

I was crocheting the baby blanket for the rabbi and his wife’s new baby. it was the same color blue that I’m actually making the blanket with. In my dream, I suddenly realized I had to perform in concert. I put my crochet down at the side of the stage in a corner somewhere. I also put down something else, I’m not sure, but maybe it was my smart phone. I put that underneath the crochet. I went to the stage, and was relieved to find that the curtains were closed. Backstage was dark. I went to find my seat, and of course I was in the corner and I had to climb over people. I did not have my instrument with me. In my dream, I knew I was playing the violin. The concert was going to be maybe one or two hours. And I needed to use the bathroom. It wasn’t an urgency to go, but I didn’t want to be uncomfortable during the performance. I wanted to have my full attention on playing. I had asked the first girl in the room where was the bathroom, and she whispered back that it was downstairs and pointed in the direction. I still have 20 minutes left before curtains came up. I was frustrated that people were in my way and I would likely would have to wait my turn to go to the bathroom. Dream ended.