(1) Pajamas at School

Date: 9/17/2019

By SpinierFormula4

This is the first of three dreams I had in one night. I am at my high school, but I’m in my pajamas. It’s very important to note that I usually sleep in a large t-shirt and just underwear, and that’s what I’m wearing in this dream. I am walking to my second period in my underwear and I note to myself that there seems to be more people in the courtyard than usual, but I appear to be unbothered by that and the fact that I’m in my underwear. Suddenly I hear these girls yelling for my attention and I turn around to face them. I’m not really sure but I think there are 4-5 girls but there is an obvious leader. She walks right into my face less than a foot away from me and she’s like, “Did you forget your pants or something idiot?” To which I reply, “Uh.... (I look down at my lack of pants) I guess I did.” I then walk away. The majority of the dream consists of them following me and making remarks about me like they have nowhere to go so I sit down hoping they’ll realize they have a class they need to get to. I open my backpack which I didn’t realize I had on and inside I find a folded pair of sweatpants. I put them on and the girls grumble and slowly leave. It’s at this point that I realize that I do in fact have to get to my second period but I have forgotten completely where or what that class is. I run into the nearest building hoping that if the class is in there my feet will take me to it but I don’t recognize anything. Then a teacher that I do recognize, a Spanish teacher that I don’t have but see often, crosses the hallway in front of me, but I quickly grab her by the arm. I tell her that I’m super flustered and I don’t remember where my second period is and I don’t even remember what my second period is, so I ask her to write me a late pass. She takes pity on me likely because I have started crying so she brings me into the room that she was walking into before I stopped her which just has a sinks copying machine with a monitor the size of a normal computer monitor. She asks me if I know anything about my class and I pull out my phone because it should have my schedule on it. Like usual in dreams however, no technology works like it should and I can’t make anything out except a smiley face marking the school map. The teacher knows what class that is and she inputs the i.d. into the computer. What pops up is a photo of a scary looking man with a beard and the classes he teaches, which is just one “wood shop.” I let out a sudden wail of anguish and wake up.