Feeding stray dogs and the food morph

Date: 6/12/2017

By Purple

I was walking in an unfamiliar affluent area, and came across two medium-sized stray dogs. They were sweet and friendly, but starving. I didn't think I had any food for them, when I remembered I had some cooked carrots. (I made cooked carrots last week, and so these must have been "leftovers" in my dream.) I was looking around for a makeshift food dish. I rejected one possibility as too dirty, because it literally had dirt on it. Then I saw what looked like a ceiling lamp cover, which would work. This was also dirty, so I wiped it off as best as I could. I suddenly remembered I had water, too, so I rinsed it off. The dogs watched and waited in anticipation. I filled it with the cooked carrots, watered them down and mixed the slurry. There were two dogs and one dish, so as I put down the dish, I had the idea to put half of the food on the ground and leave the other half. The two dogs gratefully started eating. Suddenly a smaller dog came by and was catching any food the larger dogs missed. But the food was no longer carrots and became pink, resembling corned beef…which strangely also had a mustard accompaniment, and not water. The smaller stray was quick in catching the smaller remnants. I felt bad for these strays and wished I could have feed them more.