Peyton's milk

Date: 3/13/2017

By 347078

I was in a plane wight room with no cloths on no lights or Furniture were in this room. Just when I thought nothing would happen a robitic/ alien voice spoke to me and a flash of light Magically put cloths on me. Then the wight room opened into a beautiful meadow I walked out slowly there was a lake and across the lake was my dream house. A unicorn approached me and scooped me up it immediately. The unicorn took me to my house I look around and it was so pretty I then I went back outside and my unicorn road my across the river over the mountains and to Peyton's yurt(a circular tent) When I entered her yurt it smelled of weed and paint she looked me in my eyes and said this is my secret and handed my a joint.(take note I've never seen,smelled, or smoked weed in a good child)I took a hit and immediately the room filled with neon rainbows and pictures of unidentifiable objects it felt a real after a full minute of been "stoned" Peyton handed my a glass of milk claiming it would make me not stoned and it did. She had a sip of her own. We walked outside to get a beath of dress hair she immediately flew away on MY unicorn waving a good bye. Sadly my lazy ass had to walk back to my home. When I got home my brain realized Peyton was SEVERELY allergic to milk and one sip would make her die. THEN I WOKE UP WOOOOP