{3 Dreams} Lots Of Guys (Tue April,11 2017)

Date: 4/11/2017

By Sorrnin

1: I am going to a theater with my ex best friend (Willoh) and her two sisters Angie and Cheyenne. I am walking down some scary stairs and I lose my purse on the stairs and I ask Willoh to get it. Then I am in a room having sex with a guy, then he leaves and I am having sex with another guy, then he leaves and I am having sex with my grandpa (papa). 2: I am at my other grandpa's house and all of their carpets are wet like they had cleaned them. Then I leave the house and I am walking around this building trying to find a guy to have sex with but I don't find anyone. 3: I am in a store and I am again looking for guys to have sex with and I try to have sex with Alex from 13 reasons why but he disappears. Then I walk up to these two guys and reveal my boobs to them and they are wowing and awing at my boobs and they are playing with them.