When it rains it pours

Date: 1/25/2019

By seanpaul97

I was in an Airport for holiday making my way to italy while going to the bathroom I’m being stalked by a hitman and I’m aware he’s after me so i prepare my self to attack i manage to grab him by his tie and drown him in the toilet and i get on my flight. In italy i get a divorce from my wife ( I’m single in real world) I inherit a bunch of money from her and I decide to celebrate and i get real drunk and crash a boat? Then i curse out the guy who owns it and say he has a faulty boat. I pass out on the pier I wake up from drunkenness and I feel normal again and I apparently forget everything and ask the boatmen if he could help me back to shore but he says no on account of everything that happened and so i float on this pier that’s just floating cause I broke it when i was drunk.