Date: 9/7/2019

By SammyDawn55

I was in love with two guys, one was my boyfriend but not my rl boyfriend it was someone I don’t know. The other was also someone I don’t know irl but in the dream I was very close with him. I cheated on my boyfriend with this guy and was briefly having an affair then put an end to it as I felt bad. I confessed to my bf and we talked about it and he decided to forgive me. Then the other guy was trying to communicate again with me and I was mad. I was furious. How dare he try and come between me and my bf, so then he threatened to tell my bf about the affair and I told him “I already told him and we’re good so try again”. This was in a shopping center, the fight. We were grocery shopping and my bf was with me pushing the cart. My bf stood up for me as well telling him off. I still felt in love with him though and they both pulled at my heart strings. I had a hard time deciding who I wanted and questioning my decision. They were standing beside each other telling me to pick and I couldn’t decide and was crying.