Reoccurring first day of school nightmare

Date: 7/7/2017

By pudgykiki

I keep having this reoccurring dream where it is the first day of high school and I am a super senior (i actually graduated 2 years ago) and I am running like super super late to school. So in this dream I am always like 3 hours late but for some reason my boyfriend is too. So in the dream I always like call my boyfriend on his cell phone (we didn't date until after high school in real life btw) and he picks up but he tells me he doesn't want to drive to school with me. So I'm fine with it in the dream and then I drive to school and when I park I can't find my boyfriend anywhere and I search the whole school for him but I can't find him. And at this point I am already late but I lost my schedule somehow and I have to find a teacher to help me get a new schedule because I don't know what my first class is. So then the dream skips ahead in time and it is lunch time and I'm in the cafeteria and I find my boyfriend and he is at a table with all his friends and I ask him if I can sit with him and he says no and I get super pissed and I yell at him and I start crying and he just ignores me. So then I finally get my schedule and I go to my class but the class is like this weird sculpture class and everyone in the class are like making sculptures but the sculptures are really bad. So then school is over and I go to the parking lot to find my car but I can't find it anywhere so I just decide to walk home.