College Freshman

Date: 3/21/2019

By iraymond

It was my first day at college, only all the people that I see daily at my high school were moving into the same dorm as me. The dorm just so happened to be the apartment that I live in right now, so my room was all the same. It was really weird because it looked like they were all moving into my apartment but it was supposed to be our dorm. On my first day of class I go to art and the art room looks the same as the one in my high school and there sits my ex and his best friend. The weirdest part is we become friends again and start talking like we used to. What does this mean? Does it mean I miss being friendly with him? I have always felt bad about our situation and I’ve always wanted to make things right. The dream continues on and by the end of the class it’s like we’re friends again. That part sticks out to me the most in my dream. Soon the dream ends.