Homophobia's Weak Dude

Date: 2/12/2017

By Snubagaff

Watching a movie on maths with work mates. In the cinemas I can't find the bathroom. I buy a beer and pay for it with a gobstopper. I get a light Carlton but I forget to take it from the bar and just walk away. Walk through a door because the key is in a handle and I get told off because it's a private room. Walking outside and it looks like two guys are kissing, one in a big red jumper. Turns out to be a girl. A person goes off at them, presumably homophobic. Can't tell if the complaining person is male or female. In the city celebrating. With Dakota and Kat. Kat has no underwear on. She's wearing a short, tan dress. Looking really closely at Kat's hair. It's gold and dreaded. Walking down steps past homophobe and they say small dogs are unnatural. I begin to argue with them that they're great.