RPG - Slapped someone in the face for justice. Paintings, balloons, witches

Date: 6/14/2017

By sleepdebtfairy

In my dream I am in some kind of realistic RPG Game online but it feels real. I see the places and the people but I do see text bubbles where we type. But sometimes I see scenes played out. I'm with a group of friends. Other women. I believe they are other witches in my coven in real life. For part of the dream so have this feeling that we are all riding horses, but I don't see the horses - just the elevated point of view. We are going somewhere outside. My friends tell me how another one of our friends, had a baby but had to give up her baby to a good friend who is a counselor, temporarily, because they were having a break-down. We as a group approach a suburban neighborhood. It's night time and nice out. We're in front of a few houses near each other that have balloons tied up in front - purple and yellow, two of my favorite colors. I accidentally trip on some of the balloons. Some of the neighbors are outside on the porch, and they laugh at me. I don't like them already, but I try to laugh it off too. The neighbors seem very mean and gossipy to us. One of them starts saying mean things about our friend who gave up her baby, judging her, saying she is a bad mother. I get really angry, which is rare for me. I remember it's like a RPG game and I write a detailed/eloquent RP action to slap her in the face. I realize I shouldn't do it, but I do it anyway. I slapped her in the face and it felt really good, but I also felt the shock from my group of friends. They weren't mad at me, but they were concerned because they didn't want it to get out in the game that witches were being violent, since we already faced a stigma. I remember the girl I slapped and her friends being mad and trying to get us in trouble. Two of my friends started painting these big, beautiful paintings on giant canvases with fans dipped in many colors of paint. As they did so they explained to the other group how they were in the wrong for being so callous and judgmental. Pretty soon we eventually find out that the rules if the RPG have decided I wasn't in trouble because the person I slapped was such a mean spiteful person. Go witches!