I shouted

Date: 4/2/2017

By DeePitch

I was in a waterpark. I had some unfamiliar 'friends' with me. One guy ended up playing with a pellet gun. My cousin appear in my dream. The dude wanted to prove that pulling the trigger won't do any harm. He pointed the gun at my cousin's neck. He pulled the trigger feeling all smug and confident. I was looking at my cousin's face. His eyes grew wide, the dude removed the pellet gun away from his neck in panic and saw the small bloodless hole in his neck, near his Adam's apple. Suddenly my cousin's lips fell open letting out a garbled gasp 'Ahgrh'. I felt the wave of panic that hit everyone like an ugly scent when my cousin started trying to speak but all that came out was a garbled mess. It was as though the plastic bullet was stuck somewhere in his throat messing up his vocal chords. Someone cried. Another fainted. One sputtered and stuttered trying to talk to the person next to them. I was in panicking too, so I shouted 'CALL 117' (our old emergency #) I was in shock, scared and angry. I felt myself stirring awake when I heard myself shouting. I mumbled 'Oh it's 911 now' sleepily correcting myself. So I shouted '911'. -End-