Star Butterfly vs. a Dragon

Date: 7/26/2017

By DeadPlanet

In my dream, I was back in the hills and mountains of Bavaria. However, I wasn't physically present. It was more like I watched this dream from the 3rd person limited point of view. Everything in the dream was realistic until the main character, Star Butterfly, came crashing (literally) down the mountain at sunset. She was covered in dirt and I could feel all the pain that she felt when she hit the ground multiple times. Her wand would spew rainbows but only 70% of the time that she meant for it to happen. She was in a panic to get as far away from a lizard-dragon thing that was on her castle at the top of the mountain. I recognized the castle-- it was Schloß Neuschwanstein in Germany that I saw in person about a month ago. When night fell, she tried to sneak back into the castle to alert her parents that she was in trouble. The inside of the castle was actually my house and it's at this point that I become the character of Star. I rush over to my parents (the king and queen of the castle) and shake their shoulders to get their attention, but they don't respond. The dragon lizard bellows a laugh and I feel terrified. I spot him crawling out of the TV screen which my parents were still fixated on. Before I can scream, he latches his jaws filled with sharp teeth onto my shoulder and I am stunned with pain. I cry in silence hoping that my parents notice me but they still watch TV and apparently didn't notice any of this. I don't bleed, but my tears feel like they boil down my face. Once I gather my thoughts, I rip my shoulder from his mouth and I run to my basement that was a giant Olympic pool with boats and submarines in my dream. I use my wand to propel myself out of the cave basement and I fly as far as I can before being shot down with a fireball. A porcupine family helps me to my feet and invites me into their home on the forest floor. I remember something about the dragon lizard and I fighting. I felt a lot of pain as I caught teeth here and there. Eventually my parents lift whatever spell-type thing they were under and they finally kill the monster. The end. This particular dream was very weird because I've never felt excruciating pain like that while dreaming. I don't remember exactly what it felt like after waking up, but it was so vivid that I had to check my shoulder for marks this morning.