Smoking, ex friend, cleaning ?

Date: 5/3/2017

By lovelysmiles16

I was at home and my mom asked me if I smoked. I said no but she told me my hat smelled like smoke. I think she was referring to cigarettes not weed. I have smoked cigarettes in real life and weed once but I guess I worry about my mom's reaction. I wouldn't say "I'm a smoker" I did it once. Then I was in the kitchen cleaning and washing dishes. I remember thinking tomorrow is my brother'a turn to clean. My mom helped me with the dishes. There was large dirty pans. Then I was hanging out with my friends and somehow little kids were involved. We were sliding them down the stairs. I was playing with an ex friend of mine. We were laughing and I believe we were wrestling because she was wrapped around me. I was reading something of a paper, which seemed like it was part of the game. When it was my turn to read it to my ex friend I remember thinking should I? I don't talk to her anymore but the day before my best friend told me she saw her around campus. In this dream it seems like I was in a school'a restroom. I was looking at myself in the mirror and my hair was a different color. It was lighter. Some girls came in to ask me a question but I told them I wasn't sure. I dyed my hair black in real life but I didn't like it so I went lighter. Lastly, I was trying to find a book and it seems like I was with the author. They didn't have one specific book. This was is a little unclear. I remember it had something to do with a guy. I don't really remember the rest.