Weird family “vacation”

Date: 7/24/2019

By jennnnnaaaa

I was on vacation with my grandparents, their friends, and my cousins. We where at this hotel that had a lot of rooms but somehow that wasn’t enough for all of us, so I had to sleep in the living room. Somehow I’m with 3 of my friends now at a mall. We are walking in complete unison but I realized that I was bending my knees as if to make me shorter. I stood up and I was taller then my friends, I asked one of them how this could be happening and she said it was because of the doc martens I was wearing. Then I meant this guy he took me to what I think was his house and he tried to trap me there and make me a YouTube channel. There was another girl there(my ex boyfriends brothers girlfriend) and she started crying bc the guy told her that her boyfriend cheated on her and I tried my best to console her. Then I realized she was trapped in the house and I tried my hardest to get her out but I couldn’t. Now I’m back at the hotel and my friends are here we are chilling outside. then some random lady comes up to me and gives me note from my cousin Hannah it said I had to find her in some weird language and in English, when my friends saw the weird language they all wanted to come. Then I woke up.