Date: 5/22/2017

By carelvant

Afternoon of 17 January 2017 ,Around 16:30 Long flat ground. Paving on the floor. On the left, a building. Far in the distance straight ahead is what seems to be a Huge building. White in colour. Surrounded by white clouds or smoke. On the walls are Angels. They seem upset. We ( I don't know who was walking with me), were walking towards the building. I had a k I've in my hand. A knife that was somehow powerful. I wanted to talk with the Angels. As we got closer, They became more upset. Somehow I knew this was not the first time we wanted to talk to them. We were very afraid. Suddenly from the right side of the building on a wall, some of the Angels flew into the air with such force that the Clouds (Smoke), started swirling. I remember being filled with wonder at the beauty and power. They came flying towards us, and the Anger they felt were very strong. They landed about 30 metres in front of us. One was an Archangel that I cannot remember the name of, but I knew him. I had the feeling that they wanted to kill us. I felt desperate. I needed to talk with them. Needed their help. My knife was in front of me. They started approaching slowly. The Archangel shouted in disdain: " Why do you stain us with your presence?" Then I woke up.