TOGO Smoothie, Painting, and Ice cream

Date: 9/20/2019

By UniqueStarque

I'm walking and a notice this young lady holding a velvety red smoothie, it look rich and delicious. On the smoothie cup it said TOGO. So I ask her, "Togo Africa?" And she says yes. I ask if she's been there. She says she hasn't, but everyone keeps asking if she has and if she can tell them about it. I'm with my family and Ben, my brother, doesn't want to paint a bedroom so he asked if I had painted anything lately. I explain that I have, 3 bedrooms and a bedframe, recently to.. He backs off, silent. I'm at home and we have ice cream so I have a cup or two as I listen to my sisters play guitar. (Very unclear dream, I can't remember really how it went.)