little girl

Date: 3/11/2017

By sofiasavvv

she's at an amusement park with waterslides and a concert. her uncle is telling her about his trip to a beach and suddenly she sees a clearing between trees, in this clearing there is a beautiful sunset at the beach. it's extremely blurry but somehow the beach turns into a swamp. The girl tries to take a picture of the sunset and then she sees a woman in strange clothing and she's talking to a little boy. The woman tried to tell her that she's pregnant and that her and her brother have lived there for the whole lives all alone and they don't realize that there is a whole world behind the trees. these people have been living off of the land and even though it is somewhere behind the trees it is winter in the swamp and they were starving. I can't quite see the woman but she is blonde and wears a tattered Fred top kind of looks like a bandanna but I can't see her legs because she's in the water. The little boy is never seen but for some reason I know he's there. Little girl takes the older crowd out from behind the trees to show her the real world. When they do this suddenly she changes she looks so much stranger as if she's made of jelly and her face is melting overtime. it was kind of a grief montage of these people seeing things that they've never seen before and then they return back to the swamp and it's like years later. somehow the woman in the swamp has been feeding off the little girl in creating other organisms she's not human there's something wrong with her she's been convincing this girl that she is a relative of her dead mother but she's not she's a parasite. Little girl sides to show her uncle these people and she tries to show the owner of the campgrounds or at the carnival grounds these this woman and all these organisms are around her they kind of look like tadpoles but they're on a boat. The carnival owner welcomes them but uncle notices right away that these people are wrong but they've been using the tryout they've been injecting themselves with the child's blood in order to survive. The uncle convinces the little girl in to get rid of these people. The little girl is the only one who can get rid of these parasites she must told him to go away and use a needle somehow. there are 100 of them living behind the trees and the uncle gives her 100 needles because she must and inject them all with something to kill them The aunt comes in during the scene is very upset as to how this little girl has found the needle but she's been using to share her blood with parasites. She hints to be uncle possibly having a drug problem but it's not relevant to the story. The aunt takes on a different approach and convinces the little girl that these people aren't they are monsters. they are using little girl to somehow have a link to the real world where they want to take over. there pretending to be relatives of her dead mother just so they can get a hold of her. to little girl somehow is able to get rid of these parasites it's dark and she staring in the swamp and suddenly they're gone. it switches to The perspective of me and I'm in my bathroom watching the newest Sherlock episode I think that this beginning is part of the episode I go downstairs to show my mother because it interested me and I wake up.