Hell Hair pt.2

Date: 3/9/2017

By irina_4

(continuation of Hell Hair story) I went to leave the school once the day was done (after having almost slipped on my own hairs vomit like others had). For an unknown reason I decided to exit through the middle school doors, but waiting for me was Jess (therapist). The outside looked different too, almost like the middle school doors connected to a very poor mans trailer yard. Jess said she was picking me up and we were going home, which I was very confused about. It was clear once I got home Jess and my grandparents were now living with my parents and I in the house. My hair was being okay at this point, I think it was all vomited out.. Later that evening we were all going out to dinner to a new restaurant. Everyone was in the car except Jess and I who were just grabbing last minute things. She told me to try this new medicine and to tell her if I felt any of the apparently strong side effects. With the medicine there was a 9/10ths smoked cigarette. I wanted to smoke it but I wasn't sure if Jess would allow it or rat me out. I smoked it and took the new pill. She didn't say a word about the cigarette so I assumed she wouldn't tell. Once we all arrived at the "new restaurant" we walked in and suddenly it was a huge grocery store. We decided to split up to get the shopping done quicker and I was with Jess and my grandmother. Picking out cabbages with Jess and grandmother was quite interesting. I began to feel some of the severe side effects of the new medicine (which included extreme dizziness like in pt. 1). My grandmother then proceeded to push me in a wheelchair for the rest of shopping. Maybe she worked there cause she had access to employee only areas and actually wheeled me into one. Those areas aren't as special as you might think, it looked like a very old, rusty camp shower with a mop and a pail. I got introduced to a Spanish man there who was very suspicious of me. After the food shopping we finally all did go get dinner.. However my hair was ill again.