Orc Camp Inflitration

Date: 5/17/2017

By chadri

My friend, Benson (irl he is human) who is a Centaur, came with me to a cruise that's destination was an orc Camp in a valley. There are many families on the cruise, all stopping before the orc Camp. The cruise has many activities, but Benson and I mainly play Smash Bros Melee. I kept beating everyone there. After a few hours -it is night time-, the cruise stopped behind a mountain to let us down. We depart and begin scaling the mountain. Reaching the peak of the mountain, we can see the torch lit glow of a savage civilization - Orc Camp. The camp is fortified by walls made of wood. The ends were all sharp to prevent easy Inflitration. There were few outposts, but they could cover all potential enemy approaches. We carefully approach under the cloak of night. We blow a hole through the wall, and enter the camp. Inside the camp is not what we had seen and expected from what we had seen before. The camp began descending down into the earth with large burrows in the wall. These provided protection from aerial threats and allowed for more room than what the expected lot would give. Torches line the wall all the way down. Strangely, there are not many orcs. I guess they sleep(?). We climb along the slanted wall slide to avoid being illuminated. We reach the bottom, and see a massive cave entrance with a giant skull encasing it. It must be the way to the chief orc. Benson explores the west side while I check the wall. I notice a steel door with a small window near the top. I peer into it to see a small storage room full of cleaning supplies. I venture further down to find a small crevice on the ground leading into the wall and a large pressure activated plate by its side. I step onto the button to see that the crevice opens up into a large enough hole I can army crawl through. I step off the plate and begin army crawling through, but as I reach about the middle, the ceiling begins to slowly fall. I look up to see the ceiling has very sharp spikes equipped to it. I panic and hurry out the way I came. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to make it through and I was expecting a piercing sting to go through my legs but luckily nothing did. I stand up and whisper loudly for Benson to come and stand on the plate. He does so. This time I can fully crawl through the crevice. The room after the crevice is spacious and cool. I call out to Benson to join me. He does so. I watch him attempt to crawl through but it is apply to hard for a Centaur. All of a sudden I hear him yell and I saw him get pulled out of the crevice. I see large orc legs and the behind of a Centaur. Horrifyingly, an axe comes down cleaving Benson into human and horse. Benson's entrails are spilling out, and then the crevice closes and I can no longer hear him. I think to myself, "I gotta save him." This cave is so dark I cannot find my way out of here though. A cold firm touch maneuvers my body into a wrapping of more cold. I quickly light a small torch to see to my horror that they are giant man eating spiders. The spiders are white probably due to living in dark caves for a long time. I'm not sure how they got so big, but it's possible the orcs keep them as pets. Each leg was as thick as a pool noodle. It begins drinking me and more spiders come to join it. "Oh god, I'm gonna die" When I am about to lose consciousness, I explode in a ball of light and am filled with enough energy to escape. I find the exit and come out of the storage room. I run away because this sucks. I have no idea where I went. I end up in a cafe and hear rumours of my brother. Apparently he is going to be starring in a play. On a side note, the orcs were looking for me cause no one has been able to escape. I started running to try and escape to a safer place, and I ran into my brother. I stole his clothes and disguised myself as him. Apparently, his acting in a play was very popular and now people, who keep mistaking me as him, are stopping me to compliment me.