Living lives both dull and intriguing.

Date: 8/1/2019

By Fitful

I was trying to find a comfortable place to live and sleep. If turned out I found a hole in the ground, in the earth , and someone had set up blankets over it. I felt really at home there, the blankets over the earth were very comfortable and I wanted to stay there. It felt safe. ~ I went to a fashion show. I was determined to learn to speak their language so I could talk to any one of them. I wasn't wearing anything interesting, in fact I looked like an ugly duckling, but I watched them. I also hunted for someone, kept trying to find a specific person. Maybe they were the reason I came. I searched all the seats and chatting people but I never found them. I think it was a her. ~ Hundred, maybe a thousand, years ago someone found a baby dragon and used its magick to start up a city. They literally imprisoned it beneath the city as it's foundation and built the city over top it. I was in the future from this event, the present, and investigating. I was investing a house which was bizarre and unsusal. People got to live there for cheap and the food was kinda terrible. It was like a home for many. One day I realized they made money off us being there. Someone, my great great great grandfather, spent 27mil dollars to build this house. I was shocked and wondered why to the woman I learned this from we were in the kitchen cooking. I asked her how much they made off us, and she said a lot. So I began investigating. What I found was shocking. So many secrets and hidden things and doorways which led to different places and finally I found this baby dragon. It was still a baby after all this time but oh so wise and good. It's head was still small, the size of a horse and it breathed fire in its sleep. I loves it immediately. I told the woman, my mother maybe or a caretaker about it, I'd been confiding in her about my investigations, but she got scared because it was right under her bed. And she ahd a small daughter. She wanted to move it. I agreed it needed to be free and have a nice huge home. It's cage was so small. But I didn't think it woudk be easy to move and I think those in power knew about it. ~ I went through life's motions, college and beyond over the course of five years. I fell in love with someone, and it wasn't a passion for the ages but I was very content. We ate expensive fancy food but not a lot of it at all, and that was just fine with us. I could have got with someone rich and had both expensive food and a lot of ti but I didn't. I knew the food wasn't real (not that it was a dream but not real) and I ate some toast with a stinky cheese spread on it. I relaxed because the taste was a mazing but it was like eating tv, not real do not bad to do. ~ I went to work and the woman, my supervise, I'd been trying to attract as a romantic partner didn't noticed me. I was late and I wore a different dress didn't wear a bra this time. My boobs were hells small in the dress without the bra which made them look huge. She was fine I was altez not made just smiled, but didn't notice me at all. I went back into the chain room and put my bra back on. ~ All night long, for hours upon hours, I was looking at scary Gothic things. Some stuff was so up close it was nigh undecernable. I found so many amazing photos and things to take photos of. I kept snap shotting them all, thrilled beyond reason, but when I tried to print them they wouldn't print. I tried to print them directly from my head. Apparently that doesn't work.