Emily + lucid

Date: 8/29/2017

By laramc

I was at the shopping mall with family and friends. When we were about to leave for home, Emily hopped in the elevator and it closed on her before we could get it. We waited for it to simply come back up but it never did. I found Jesse and asked him if he'd seen Emily. Stuart was there. This made us really anxious like she was missing, or in danger. And eventually mum said we were going to have to go home. I cried and refused to leave until we found her, for all we knew she could be getting raped. "I refuse to leave! What if it was me, and Emily's mum just left?!" When we got there everyone was down there, I guess it was some surprise. Gabriel saw me crying and looked confused, didn't question it. ---- I'm at school in the demountable's when Jye shoots an arrow, and the clothes hanger (?) lands perfectly on the notch. --- Still at school, standing on a ramp or something, above the ground. Guys throw me a basketball, I don't catch it. It lands in the bin below me and I swing down to grab it for them. Sir then tells me to go to miss Liska's room, on the stripper side (?) of the building and at the end. I'll find the keys in the second draw with some undies. DO NOT OPEN THE FIRST DRAW! (Okay) Walking around, I'm now in front of the staff rooms above the courtyard. I realise I'm dreaming. I look at my hand and see that it does not look normal. I make it down to the stage and look around, calm down, take in my surroundings. When my legs start tingling and I'm lifted into the air. I think they are supposed to be tentacles (?) but I'm not really in control anymore, no matter how hard I try.