Date: 6/18/2019

By Deafbr

I had this dream from last night and I’m writing about this dream (approximate 16 hours after) so I will try my best to remember this dream. I was suspicious that I had this dream due to play prison escape room (iPhone app) from the day before. I remember that I was walk into the old prison building, rusty, mold, and very old fading white concrete blocks. I went into one of cell and I sit on the bed then I look up and saw other person on other bed. Then we chat about escaping the prison so he asking me several questions. So I decided to tell him that I’m probably smarter than 95% of people in this prison. He looks me in puzzle expression then he decided to give me a paper with 10 different questions. He points at the end of the list, it was number 10. He told me that if I’m really that smart then I should be able to solve this without solve any 1-9 questions. I nod and I looked at the last question, it was make any no sense (it was looks like gibberish.) It looks like some words, black heart symbol, black arrow toward left, and some more words. As it was write in black ink. Then I look at him, I told him that there is either 2 answers to this question. There was either that you have to solve 1-9 questions to understand last question or there was no answer at all. As it put you into more confusion then he looks on paper then look at me with “good answer question.” He told me that I passed, then sudden dog from under the bed bite (between soft and hard) on my left calf. I look down and it was prisoner that looks like mix from human and dog. (Fur body, human head, his jaw was little push out similar to pug but with dog’s fang, and he wear prisoner cloth.) Then there was prison alarm went off, that we needs to stay in our own cell but there wasn’t any cell anywhere. So prisoners have to fight back, they send riot to push us back. I was sit on my bed and watching them being defeated. Then I woke up.