Date: 8/15/2016

By stefdrms

My dream started out buying hot dogs for me and Danny , waking through a corridor looking found him talking to Alex and some girl, became furious and the. He said she said I'd get mad and got even madder . Exchanged a few wors then I left My next dream was in a new city or town, maybe London by this boys accent? I was waking around the stone: cobble streetswhem this enormous ship docked on land inbetween building and people gathered to see the people on the boat sing maybe Disney songs? I wanted to go to my car to put something away. I met this boy who started following Me. He wouldn't go away. He distracted me and made me think I lost or misplaced something but I think I had it. I kept trying to get away. Eventually everything changed into neon green lights And decorations. Sort of like Halloween and big haunted house people dressed up scaring you. A lady on the floor , a child with a machete and a man chained to the wall. I tried to record it freaking out a few times. I think Rupert and Oliver were there lol. This boy was still following me and wouldn't go. I kept looking for sown thing o don't know what. When we stepped out it almost seemed like morning. There was water on the sides of were we were walking. Like a bridge alarmist and then the sides started coming against the bridge to take the water out and create narrow stream. There were floaters to rides. The boy convinces me after I say no I tell him not to get me the water and he does over and over me almost drowning. I get mad and tell him goodbye. I find my way somehow . To divina and diana standing in cords of a light tower way up high. Taking photos she she's told her Richie died? She faint and the. She turns into a bug where to smaller bugs come up to console her and she calls them sweet and thanks them and they say they will be there for her as long as she needs. I awake